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Stephen Chandler Wilson, James Jenkins, Reggie Tardy Stephen Chandler Wilson, James Jenkins, Reggie Tardy


The Arcane Heart is the music of singer-songwriter Stephen Chandler Wilson. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Stephen has been writing and performing live music for a decade. Fronting a number of different projects over those years, The Arcane Heart is the newest and most focused of Wilson's musical endeavors. Before forming the live band, he took to self-producing an entire full length album's worth of recordings for this project and has already begun independently releasing some of the material this summer.

The interesting story about the band's debut recordings is the long list of guest musicians willing to lend their talents to Wilson, helping shape the sound of this new project. Players including Grant Emerson (Delta Rae), Brett Hart (formery of The Band Perry), Ryan Johnson (American Aquarium), Autumn Brand (Saints Apollo), James Jenkins (Pseudo Blue), Kaitlin Grady (Saints Apollo, Once and Future Kings), Jim Crew (Sidecar Social Club) and Allyn Love (Jeanne Jolly) make this record a local collaboration of note.


The majority of the tracking for the songs was done with engineer Mark McKee at Raleigh's K-House Recording. McKee also contributes additional instrumental parts on electric guitars and keys, adding brush strokes of texture-rich sounds to Stephen's debut independent producing effort.


Look for an official release of the entire album this winter.